Indonesian Pick Up Line #49

Ada hujan, ada rindu

Ada kenangan, ada kamu

Sayang, tolong jangan biarkan aku menunggu.


11 thoughts on “Indonesian Pick Up Line #49

  1. Hi, Shelly! I hope you’re doing well! Even though I cannot understand your language, I like the fact that you’ve set this up so that it rhymes! Take care!

    1. Shelly Fw

      Hi! 🙂 Thanks, I am. I hope you too 😀
      Sure, I love rhymes :3

      Here, I’m trying to translate it 🙂

      ‘There’s rain, there’s longing
      There are memories, and there are you
      Oh dear, please don’t let me wait’

      Well, I think that’s the English version xD
      Hehe 🙂 take care for you too 🙂

      1. That is a beautiful statement! I think if someone were to say that to me, I might fall for them, too! They would have to sincerely mean it, and I’d have to like them, too, of course… Thank you for translating!

      2. Shelly Fw

        Hehe thanks xD sometimes I get called ‘poet girl’ xD haha I think there’s something wrong with me but well that’s not really bad tough, I guess xD
        No probs 😀

    1. Shelly Fw

      Aw! You’re lovely :3 I like you too hehe thanks. Well, I think I should learn from you. Your blog is so colorful and also meaningful 🙂 You talk politic, music, cats, and any other things on your blog 🙂 Hehe

      1. Aw, thank you! 🙂 The two topics of conversation everybody says to steer clear from: Religion and Politics! Hah-hah! Luckily, I live in a country where that’s permissible. I guess that’s why I only have 89 followers in 4 years! Haha! How many followers, by the way, do you have?

      2. Shelly Fw

        Well, I think as long as we talk politic (or religion) issie in neutral way then there’s nothing to be worry 🙂 well that’s good 🙂 this is the third year I have this blog and I have 35 followers haha
        hope it could keep growing hehe

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