Quick Review: The Woman In Black



Title : The Woman In Black

Writer : Susan Hill

Retold by :Margaret Tarner

Illustrated by : Annabel Large

Published by : PT. Dian Rakyat

Originally published by : David R. Godine Publisher




The children wanted Arthur to tell them a ghost story. But he could not do so. His story was too horrible to tell. His story was of a lonely house among the dangerous marshes. There a woman in black with hate in her eyes waited and watched. And a child cried out in the mist.


Take a deep breath, fellas. It’s just me reviewing the story. Not to retell, neither to frighten you. Hehe.

As I said about this book on goodreads, this is a beautiful horror tragic story. This book scares and also amazes me at the same time! Well, I gotta admit that it amazes me more.

I hurried from the room, away from them all. I went out into the garden. I stood there in the cold and in the darkness. My heart was beating fast. I was shaking with fear. Will I never forget? Will I never find peace? – page 4


There. A simple yet frightening begining. Keen to see more?


Suddenly a pony shrieked with fear. Then I heard a sound I shall never forget. The terrible cry of a child. A child in fear of death. – page 18


Oh, Susan Hill. You got me no word to say! xD


It was the door I had found locked on my first visit to the house. It was It was the only door I could not open. Yes, the sound came from behind this door. Bump. Bump. Bump. – page 30


I also appreciate the illustrations that could strengthen the fright-effect. 


Closing statement:

Two words for this book : elegantly creepy. It also has tragic taste, which really makes this classic horror story so worth to read. End of the review 🙂 Sorry for the unperfect grammar. Hehe .


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