A Lullaby

You came with no sound

I’ve been searching, nothing I found

Then you whisper my name, faintly that I could remember

Caught me off guard, out of consciousness

You sang me every night without getting me afraid

You brought me into my darkness dream

But I never care, I’m mesmerized from the start anyway

How could I resist your melodiously hypnotizing voice?

Please, come again

Then you sang me a lullaby again

Swept my fear away

Though I couldn’t see, but I believe that you were there with me

Now I know what I want

You’re all what I need

From now on, please don’t just come and sing

Bring me to your realm instead

-Shelly Fw, 8 August 2016- 

You can also read it on wattpad here:   https://www.wattpad.com/294976324-haunted-verses-paranormal-poems-a-lullaby

#poem #paranormalpoem #sorryfortheunperfectgrammar 


2 thoughts on “A Lullaby

  1. That’s so beautiful, Shelly. (Sheli = “Of Mine”; Heb.) I look at it more, though, as the echo of remembrance of the beginning of life; thinking of a time back to infancy, with a mother singing a lullaby to her child.

    1. Shelly Fw

      Thank you, Randy
      Whoa, Sheli has a nice meaning though šŸ™‚ I know it just know hehehe
      Yep. Infancy is the sweetest moment ever :3

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